Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The rain began to fall just as I left the building.
 And now it swept away the night's love from my skin.  
Soon everything is  all gone, even she who gave my soul some peace and love for a while.
The difficult part about living is my longing away, and soon only the end is left to go to.


She waited all night until I woke up.
I waited a lifetime for someone to be there when I woke up.

                                                                             Italy- 98

This is where we were - the night and the city.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

We ran away from everything, together to feel free on the last days of this summer.
We spent the night in the car to see it all and to feel everything, from the sunset to the sunrise.
On the last day of the summer and a moment of freedom. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Self Portrait - photography of bad days with beautiful moments.

Survive, love, die.  
 The houses of tarpaulin and torn sheets of wood.
Among the trees between the roads with thousands of cars.
They are singing a song in a language I do not understand.
They smile and laugh, hugging their friends and close ones.
Marginalized and poor and
outcasts by society
Far away from their family and home.
Survive, love, die.
The song a story of love they explain to me.
We are intoxicated by alcohol, the song of love and life in the moment.
Survive, love, die.
In the houses of tarpaulin and torn sheets of wood.
Among the trees between the roads with thousands of cars.
Here is more of everything I've ever
known about.
Survive, love, die. 


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Food photography project, commissioned exhibition.
It was a day just like many other days. 
You could hear through the old front door that day had started on the outside when people in the house started to moved up and down the stairs just like the elevator with it´s engine noise. The curtains in my studio had a difficult battle to keep the darkness inside and day light on the outside when the light spread out at the edges of the curtains and made ​​the room brighter and brighter as the morning slowly started.   

My days were all the same. I worked from early morning to late evening in my little studio in the city and the life on the outside was something I didn´t care for. Over the years, I had more and more chosen to keep me away from life in the city. I had everything here, my colors, my cameras and flash units. The computer on the yellow table, and the small dark room wedged in a small closet. I did not miss the life on the outside, just like I did not miss the TV that I long time ago tossed out. The TV that just pumped out vanity, advertising and twisted ideals. And just like the shows on TV had become, life on the outside had become the same with gluttony, economy by consumption and the constant quest for status. Despite the town closeness I felt pure, uncolored by the quest and demands to fit in and look the same. I try to stay unaffected of trends created by the media and the market that we are shaped to follow and we borrowed money and worked hard to maintain.
She was one of them from the city, one of them from out there somewhere with a life struggle to fit in. Tired of fighting for ideals. She often called me to come to my little freedom, untouched and unaffected by the outside. She felt it, but did not really understand what she felt and what was right or wrong, good or bad. She had it all, a perfect life, fine children, a man who had the high-status, well-paid job, and all that other fine life required to be accepted by the city

She always loved me when we met, she said she wanted to be with me forever, to leave her husband for me. We loved until the curtains could not keep the darkness and the day began. I knew she was telling the truth until she met the city again, and everything she said to me during a few hours to be a lie when the city and life met her with it´s demands and where people could see her, judge her and everything got requirements of acceptance and belonging in the city's fine social group
I knew her truth would soon be a lie in the examined eye of the city. I held her long before she woke up to the new day, the skin is warm and soft, and with a scent of our love. I know she is not always asleep when the morning came, she just wanted to be here, quiet, loved and free. To be seen just as she was without the demands of anyone, just out of love from me hidden away from all the rest. I knew her words would soon be a lie when the night was over and I was left alone, and the city and life on the outside caught her.
It was like many other days. Maybe she would come back again some night as she so often did, or maybe some of the others in the same situation as her. I allowed myself to believe and be caught by their words for a few hours. I know they're lying, but hope that they will eventually find their way in life where they do not have to lie and finally understand what they feel and need. I am filled with happiness when they found the right place, wherever it has brought them. Because I love them all, even though it's only for a few hours when I get intoxicated by their words and presence. And I can not wait until the next time I will be loved, even though it is a lie that lasts longer than the truth and by someone I never will be allowed to know.


Friday, September 19, 2014

Man in valley of trees. 600x1280mm
Sold - private collector.